Quality Policy

Basic Policy

We will continue to provide the highest quality levels of products and services that customers around the world appreciates. It is our social responsibility.

Course of Action

We will continuously enhance the quality management system to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction(CS); we will achieve zero defects and be “the company that zero defects are a standard”.

  1. We value the voice of our customers and subsequent processes, endeavor to attain the highest levels of quality from upstream process and respond with sincerity at all times.
  2. We always take action with the speed of 2-2-2 based on “Go & See” and adherence to the rules.
  3. We always refine and improve our traceability capabilities.
  4. Zero Defect achievement through:
    1) Control for progression through stage transition
    2) Full adherence to change management and handling of abnormal conditions
    3) Never-ending improvement through the QCC activity


April 1, 2015
President & CEO

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